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SKAN HOLZ Terrassen├»┬┐┬Żberdachung

Terrace roofs

Every so often one wishes for another room ? but, what about your terrace? Just think about: an additional, free and open room on your terrace!

SKAN HOLZ terrace roofs let you add a sheltered place to your house and garden. The open structure protects you from rain and too much sun. Or attach side walls and a parapet to keep nosey neighbours from your afternoon tea.

The high-quality design is based upon the same SKAN HOLZ modular system we employ for our carport kits; quality, material and components are the same. And installation is just as easy.

Terrace roofs present you with a completely new quality in your life. With no effort you add another ?room? to your house ? one to eat, talk, and live in.